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From: tReSe
Subject: KILT: Email Dialogue (m/m) (oral) (fantasy)March 4, 2000
KILT: Email Dialogue (m/m) (oral) (fantasy)
Disclaimer:The story you are about read contains gay erotic experiences. So, if you
are not of legal age or your country, religion, moral universe etc.,
consider this writings to be perverse, then I suggest that you should
find something else to read. And, if you should decide to read this type
of literature, neither this site nor the author will be held accountable
for your actions.
Background on KILT:Kathang Isip Lamang ni Trese (KILT) is a collection of original writings,
fiction, or non-fiction depicting gay erotic themes.Posting, copying or redistributing this material via electronic mail or
in any form is strictly prohibited. Only individuals, groups, or websites
that were given proper authorization have the right to post, copy, or
redistribute this material.
Author's Note:Email Dialogue is pure fiction. My other KILT stories can be found at my
new website:Titles:
* My Superman
* The Guy in the Hallway
* The Seminarian
* Jester
* H20 & Oil
* Teen Interviews
=====================================================Email Dialogue
by tReSe & Jeff
Copyright Friday Trese 1999-2000. All Rights Reserved.Let me tell how this story evolved. I met Jeff via email. He read one of
the stories that I had previously posted and was commenting about it.
From then on, he and I became friends.One non-nude 13-17 time, I received an email from him. I just arrived and decided to
check my mail before I take a bath. I think, it was around 11 in the
evening. gagged tight 37
Anyway, I read Jeff's message and answered it right away. I
sent him a very short reply. I told him that I was tired and badly needed
a bath before I go to sleep. I also told him that I had a rough day doing
my thesis and that I would write him a longer letter the following day.The following night when I check my email, Jeff wrote back saying that he
understands my situation. He also told me that after he read my message,
he had a fantasy about the two us. Here's the excerpt of his letter to
me. I asked his permission to post it bleach episode 293
and he was thrilled about the idea.
I also inserted what I was thinking when I was reading Jeff's letter.
Hope you like what Jeff and I wrote. Enjoy.~~~oOo~~~oOo~~~oOoO~~~Trese:
Jeff, I have to cut this letter short. I have to take a bath.Jeff:
Maybe you should have not said anything about you taking a bath. That is
what I am thinking about now. This fantasy involves you and I. I'd like
to tell you about it.Trese:
Hmmm... the sounds nice. Please do tell.Jeff:
Ok.You get home from a long day of working. You are tired. I greet you at
the door with a kiss. You say that you are tired 88 square lesbains and want to go to bed. 3g phone video sex
then say that I know something that will relax you. You ask what it is. I
tell you to wait and you'll find out soon.Trese:
I can hardly wait to know what's your surprise is.Jeff:
I take you by the hand and tell you to close your eyes. You follow me. I
open the door, take you inside it, and then tell you to open your eyes.
It is the bathroom. It looks different. 14yo hard porn
I installed some
red lighting and some incense that has the flavor of rose. I made a bath
for you.Trese:
Nobody has ever done this thing to me before. Thank you.Jeff:
I ask you, "How about a bath Babe?"
You reply, "I would love one, Sweetie."I disrobe you. I feel you're body. Then you stand there naked for my
viewing pleasure. You coonector female m12 carefully enter the tub. The water is at the right
temperature. You lay back and let out "AHHH."Trese:
Don't spoil me now, Jeff.Jeff:
I begin to rub your shoulders. They are so tense. You close your eyes
while I am massaging your back, then your neck, and then your coonector female m12 chest. I
grab a handful of water and sprinkle it around you. I start to rub your
forehead to relieve some stress. You tell me how good that feels and I
smile and say thanks.Trese:
I feel your sturdy hands against my skin tenderly caressing every inch of
my body. I love the way you massage my nape while you my chest with your
other hand. With your loving ministration, my whole body begins to feel
an electrifying sensation, especially when you would softly twist my
I sprinkle water over you a few more times. Then you ask me to massage
your feet. I move to the other side of the tub and I grab one foot and
gently take it out of the water. I begin to rub it. I then blondie in the 1930s
run my finger
up your legs. This tickles you and you laugh. I start to tickle your
feet.Trese, 3gp sex sex
I have to stop now there are a bunch of people around, but I will
finish this tomorrow. I am sorry I hope you like it so far. I will write
you tomorrow.Trese:
Teaser! (laughs) Take care, Babe. I'm lustfully anticipating for your
next move.Jeff:
Well litte 12 age nude I stop tickling your feet. I put your leg back into the water. You
tell me that you want out of the tub. You stand up and I see that you are
at attention. I smile lightly at the thought that I somehow gave you that
hard on. I wrap a towel around you to dry you. I had to control myself. I
take off 3 fat chicks the towel and dry you off myself. As I come up to dry you off
you say, "Someone else is excited too."Trese:
Actually, when you wrap the towel around my body to dry me off, I could
feel your manhood behind my bottom. I innocently rub my cam1 sex arse against your
steel rod hoping that you would screw me standing up like some dog in
heat. Don't deny that you didn't notice it.Jeff:
I cannot lie. I tell you that I am excited. I finish drying you off. Then
I ask if you want me to dress you. YOu tell me just to get you robe. I
put the robe on you and tie it around you. I kiss the back of your neck.
That bath has given your body the sweetest scent, not that I don't love
the way you smell all the time.Trese:
We both know how much you like my natural body scent, and you skillfully
show it every time you lick me from head to foot with your sweet tongue.Jeff:
I have to do something now that can help it. I take you by 13yo photo sex
the hand and
You follow me to the bedroom. I sit you down blondie in the 1930s
and take off your robe. I
tell you,"Lay back and relax. Let me do the work."Trese:
Oh, baby... litte 12 age nude take me like know other man has.Jeff:
I start with your feet. I have to get going but I will finish this
tomorrow. I can be a tease.Trese:
Ah, shit! You sure like teasing me.Jeff:
I then I begin to move up your leg. To your ankle, your shin, your knee,
and finally I reach your thighs. I am wild now with excitement. You smell
so delicious. I gently kiss 40 pornstar your thighs and rub them gently.Then I see what I was after. You are still hard. I press my lips against
your balls. I kiss them repeatedly. 36ff boobs Then my tongue comes from my mouth
and licks them. I want to make sure they are 14 old porn cleaned thoroughly. I hear
you moan lightly.Then I raise my head more and lick the top of you penis. Before I start
working with it, I have to get a feel for it so I take both my hands,
which I need to feel that big thing. It feels so good and smells so
good.I lose all control and open my mouth wide and I slip it in. I go
down your cock and then back up. I keep getting lower and lower each
time. I am taking my time tasting every taste that your penis gives, and
they all taste good.Then somehow I have all of you inside me. I make sure that I xxx foto 18
don't choke.
Well your hot dick is going in and out of my mouth. What makes me more
eager is to see you breathing hard, moaning and tugging at your nipples.I go faster and faster. I am sucking with all I can muster. I want to
keep you in me forever. I taste a small bit of your sweet release and I
go harder. Taking in every inch just hungry for it like I would never
have it again. I gently rub your balls in my hand at the same time.I see that you are enjoying it. I am as well. I keep sucking blondie 1159
and sucking
until you explode in my mouth. I take every last drop of your orgasm. I
swallow it like a man. I keep sucking to make sure I have you all dry. I
seem to have done so. I kiss your balls again before I climb to you.I climb to you and ask if that took any stress off you.I take one long
breath and say, "Yes it girls 14 yo. porn did." You rise and kiss me.~~~oOo~~~oOo~~~Is this the end? I really don't know. It all depends upon Jeff. (wink)+++++++++++++
I really love to hear what you have to say. Your responses will be gladly
appreciated.For your comments, suggestions, or constructive criticisms, kindly write
tresebigfoot.comTo read my other stories, visit my website: my mailing list to keep you informed and updated about my upcoming
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